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Background of Metabonomics

Metabonomics is the youngest technology among the different "-omics". The figure shows the relationship of the most popular "-omics" technologies. Genomics, Proteomics and Metabonomics all represent the Genome at different levels. Genomics looks at expressions of the messanger RNA; Proteomics looks at concentrations of proteins and Metabonomics looks at changes of endogenous metabolites, which represents best the phenotype among the different levels.

Metabolic Profiling and the more popular terms "Metabonomics" and "Metabolomics" are often used as synonyms. Different uses of the names "Metabonomics" and "Metabolomics" are more or less due to historical reasons. The term "Metabolomics" originates from metabolic profiling of plants. In this field, hyphenated MS techniques (LC-MS or GC-MS) are used. Therefore the term "Metabolomics" is often used in the context of MS measurements an plant studies. In addition "Metabolomics" is also often used in the context of investigating the metabolic profile of complete biological system. The term "Metabonomics" is most often used in the context of animal and human studies. In these fields NMR measurements are most popular. Therefore the term "Metabonomics" is often used for studies with NMR measurements. In additon, Metabonomics is often used in the context of changes of the metabolome due to stimuli.

Relationship between different "-omics" technologies.




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